.357 Series ACL Approved Bags



I understand that....

• These bags are premium bags and to be used on premium boards, because of the delicate fabrics used on pro style bags they are prone to snags on boards that are not coated correctly. 
• Refunds will not be processed for surface snags on material, because it will not effect the play of the bag. We WILL refund your order if there is a defect on our end, or replace a bag that has broken through on the seam. (Up to 90 days) 
• The Killshots team is very busy trying to produce the bags in the allotted turnaround time listed above. Please only contact us about shipping once that timeframe has come. We are a small business and keeping up with 100 emails a day about shipping times that are already listed is very difficult. If you do have any urgent questions about your order, facebook messenger on our KILLSHOTS CORNHOLE facebook page is the easiest way to contact us. 

Overall Bag Description

Our .357 is another top favorite with the RPG and is one of our most thrown bags. This bag just offers so much versatility being that it has our players side material on the slower side and synthetic side material on the other they are our 2 most used fabrics paired into one bag for a powerful shot just like a 357 magnum! These hole seekers are going to have you giving out kill shots more often than not and have your opponents wondering what just happened!  


Fabric Descriptions

(Slower Side)

Players - This material is our top players favorite of the bunch. This is a controlled slick side especially once its broken in. We call it the players fabric because its something that we feel is perfect for an all around player. The speed on it is fast enough that you can throw your regular slide shots and it is super hole friendly, however once its broken in it will slow down just enough to be able to throw what we would call “Skill” shots. These would be your curve shots, your roll over or bounce bags, your blocker and airmail game. This is a middle of the pack speed but its definitely paired with some great slick sides for a perfect match of a hole friendly all around fabric! 


(comparable feels - between carpet/advantage…slower side of an all-slide)


(Slick Side)


Synthetic - Our “Synthetic” material is going to be used for powerful super hole friendly slick side. This is one of our loosest materials once its broken in paired with our custom resin blend is deadly to the competition. 


(Comparable feels - GameChanger Slick, Pro Excel Slick)