Ryan Windsor Wins Great Lakes Top 100 Singles

Windsor wins the 2023 Great Lakes Top 100 Championship Throwing Killshots' Phantom Series

As Seen On ESPN

The best tournament moments

youtube video
Ethan Walker BACK 2 BACK ROLLS with the AK47 SERIES
Ethan Walker hits insane back 2 back roll bags
youtube video
Devon Harbaugh CRAZY airmail drag with Killshots' AK47
Devon Harbaugh started off strong in the Throwdown Doubles Semifinals this past summer with a sick airmail drag.
Kyle Malone 357 Push on ESPN during the Final Chase
Kyle Malone Dalton Mcklem First National Win Highlights (throwing RPG)
Kyle Malone 4 Bagger South Bend Pro Invite (throwing 357’s)
Maya Cupp World Women’s Singles (357’s)
Maya Sneaky Shot (357’s)
Maya Airmails (357’s)
Maya Push (357)