Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags
Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags

Killshots Cornhole | MP5 Series | Stock Colors | 2024 ACL Pro Cornhole Bags

Pro Break In? +$15:
  • Dual-Speed Material Technology: Killshots' bags with dual-speed technology feature a fast sided material as well as a slow sided material, giving the professional ultimate control and placement. While also allowing maximum forgiveness for the  Intermediate player ensuring perfect balance of speed and control. Dual sided material caters to offensive and defensive plays, providing versatility for all skill levels. 
  • ACL 2024 Pro Certified: Officially approved by the American Cornhole League (ACL), Killshots' bags meet all professional size and weight specifications for the league. Our bags are the preferred bag for professional & amateur athletes, having already won multiple ACL championships since the inception of the sport.
  • Proudly Built in the USA: Killshots is manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility located in Adrian, Michigan. We invested millions in staffing and advanced robotic machinery in under 7 years. Supporting our local US workforce gives Killshots the ability to control 100% of the manufacturing process. Enabling best in class quality control, while also supporting our community.
  • Exclusive “Limited Run” Hybrid Material & Proprietary Resin Blend: Killshots bags feature custom-developed material and a unique resin blend, developed through extensive research and championship play. Our exclusive technology offer unmatched game play consistency. 
  • Superior Durability: Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) sewn construction and secure double-needle topstitch providing superior durability and performance for years.  

  • Weather-Resistant: Crafted to withstand time and elements. Our bags are made with the highest quality fabric and weather resistant material. 
  • Distinctive Style with Eye-Catching Graphics: Stand out in every game with Killshots Cornhole bags, showcasing unique, eye-catching graphics. Our bags not only excel in performance but also bring style and personality to your cornhole experience, making them a stylish addition to any game or tournament. Our Limited Edition Designs are the most-sought after bags in the industry.

Killshots Cornhole Bags feature innovative Dual-Speed Technology, offering a dual-sided material design for versatile gameplay.

The 'fast side' is tailored for aggressive, offensive play, ideal for smooth sliding and strategic shots in various conditions. Conversely, the 'slow side' is designed for precision and control, perfect for defensive strategies and accurate placements. This dual-sided approach provides players with the flexibility to adapt their tactics, catering to both bold offensive moves and calculated defensive plays, making these bags suitable for all skill levels.

Dual-Speed Technology: Innovative dual-sided design for versatile strategic play.

Fast Side - Offensive Play: Engineered for aggressive gameplay, ideal for smooth sliding and strategic shots.

Slow Side - Defensive Control: Tailored for precision and control, perfect for defensive tactics and accurate placements.

Adaptable Strategy: Allows players to switch tactics on the fly, catering to various board conditions and game states.

Versatile for All Players: Suitable for both seasoned pros and casual players.

From Design to Final Stitch; Killshots Cornhole is 100% American Made.

Rooted in the USA, our advanced facility in Adrian, Michigan, reflects our commitment to local craftsmanship and the US workforce. With a significant investment over seven years, we've equipped our 30,000-square-foot facility with state-of-the-art CNC and robotic machinery, manned by a dedicated team of over 12 specialists. This approach ensures unparalleled precision and quality in every bag, embodying fine American craftsmanship. Our all-American production not only maintains high-quality standards but also supports the local economy and jobs. Choosing Killshots means more than just getting a premium cornhole bag; it's a choice to support American resilience, innovation, and community.

Premium Weather Resistant Materials: Engineered with top-tier, weather-resistant materials for enduring performance in any climate. Easy maintenance - washable and air-dry ready.

CNC Sewn Construction: Crafted using advanced CNC robotic sewing for consistent, flawless stitches. Enhanced with double-needle technology for lasting durability.

Secure Double-Needle Top Stitch: Features a strong double-needle top stitch, ensuring resilient seams and maintained integrity over time for reliable performance.

Permanent Sublimation Print: Vibrant, durable designs achieved with cutting-edge Epson sublimation printing, embedding the dye directly into the fabric for long-lasting visuals.

ACL Pro Certified

Officially approved for professional competition by the American Cornhole League, Killshots exemplifies excellence in cornhole equipment. With ACL Pro approval, our bags meet all professional standards, demonstrating their superiority in rigorous standardized testing. This certification is more than just compliance with elite requirements; it's a symbol of trust among professional players. Killshots bags are crafted to satisfy the demands of high-level competition, ensuring consistency, durability, and top-notch performance for every player. Selecting Killshots means choosing pro-level quality, approved and recognized by the ACL.

Championship Proven

Killshots bags have a storied legacy of championship success. From their debut in professional cornhole, these bags have made a remarkable impact. In our first licensed season, Killshots bags were the choice of champions, clinching back-to-back national championships aired on ESPN. This impressive feat was further elevated by Maya Cupp, who secured the Women's World Championship with our 357 series bags. Beyond these victories, Killshots bags have been a regular feature on networks like ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and more, showcasing their excellence in the biggest competition in the sport's history. Continuously chosen by top players, Killshots bags have repeatedly proven their worth in elite competition, providing even the most skilled players with a discernible edge.

Pro Preferred

Killshots Cornhole Bags are the top choice for cornhole professionals, endorsed by renowned champions like 3x Pro Singles National Champion Ryan Windsor. His impressive track record, including titles such as Illinois Back-To-Back Singles State Champion, Open Doubles Champion, and more, underscores the exceptional performance of Killshots bags. These bags are also preferred by Matthew Creekkiller, last year's ACL Singles National Champion, and numerous other top-tier players. This preference among elite competitors signifies the trust and reliability Killshots offers. Designed for supreme quality and consistent performance, these bags provide a competitive edge crucial in professional play. Whether for a seasoned pro or an aspiring player, Killshots represents excellence in cornhole, aligning users with the champions' choice.

Designed By Pros

Our Bags are designed with the expertise of professional players, ensuring elite performance in every aspect. These seasoned pros, with their deep understanding of competitive play, bring invaluable insights into materials, weight distribution, and tactical flexibility, aligning the bags with the highest standards of the sport.

Our pros rigorously test and refine prototypes in varied game scenarios, considering factors like board surfaces and strategic play styles. This results in bags that offer unmatched control, precision, and versatility, catering to diverse player needs.

Key features such as our custom developed materials and custom resin blends are developed with direct input from these professionals, ensuring tactical flexibility and exceptional performance. Killshots bags are more than professionally approved; they are the culmination of professional experience and passion for cornhole, offering players of any skill level a professional-grade product.

  • Marksman BLEND

    A very soft fill that compacts and plays straight and true, these bags offer unparalleled forgiveness. Ideal for hard-throwing players seeking more flexibility on less-than-perfect throws.


    Designed for technical play, a small round fill meticulously designed for players who relish in strategic bounces, rolls, and cuts. Providing the perfect combination of flexibility and precision for a diverse range of shots.


    A mixture of the crossfire and marksman blends this fill still enables technical cuts, bounces, and rolls, with less kick and bounce, ensuring a dynamic gameplay experience you'll absolutely love.


    A newly developed innovative tri-blend combination of three different, performance-tested resin blends, meticulously blended to create the perfect fill. Experience a play that’s extremely true, yet gracious, a fill that’s hole-friendly yet capable of the most technical shots. Able to bounce, roll, and cut with ease – this fill offers next-level playability, control, and precision.

Rec break in

Takes hours of throwing if you don't use a break in technique

Typically break in techniques will void your warranty

Rec break ins could also cause seams to bust open.

Pro break in

Takes NO Additional time or steps for you

Does not void your warranty

Makes your bags feel great right out of the box and you don't have to worry about it causing seam issues!